Antikythera mechanical computer

 It is an acient Greek computer ,believed as first analog computer powered by Orrey. 

It was used to predict astronomical psoition and calendar in advance.

As the history says it was retrieved from the sea from a seawreck.

It was believed that it was invented by Greek scientist in 87 B.C.


1. It contains two faces front and rear face.

   Front face:-

          ->The front face has two concentric scales.

          ->The first scale marks the Greek sign of the Zodiac.

         ->The outer scale which is moveable ring that fits the flush with the surface and runs in a channel, marked off with what appear to be days.

        ->The outer layer has been presumed to represent 365 days;however, recent reseearch shows soe evidence that it is mostly likely to divide into 354 intervals.

         ->If onesubscribes to the 354 days evidence, then most likely the interpretation is that ring is a manifestation of a 354 day lunar calendar.


photo credit:wikipedia.org

        ->The lunar calendar purpose was t serve daya to day indicator of successive lunations and have assisted with the interpretation of lunar  phase pointer and metonic and saros dials. 

   Rear face:

          ->This face contains five dials: two large displays the Metonic and Saros and three small indicators,called Olympiad dial.

          ->the metonic dial is the main upper dial on the rear of the mechanism. the metonic cycle defined in Physics is very closed to 19 tropical years. I

          ->It is therefore a convenient interval over which to convert between lunar and solar calendars.

        ->The metonic dial covers 235 months in five rotations of the dial.the pointer points to the synodic month,counted from new moon to new moon.

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