EDVAC(electronic delay storage automatic computer), was constructed by Maurice Wilkes and his team at the University of Cambridge Mathematical Laboratory in England.

  •  It used mercury delay lines for memory, and derated vacuum tubes for logic. Input was via five-hole punched tape and output was via a teleprinter.

  • It has various purposes such as to solve a differential equation relating to gene frequencies, was used to gather numerical evidence about solutions to elliptic curves, etc

Additionally it has the following features:
  1. The EDSAC's memory consisted of 1024 locations, though only 512 locations were initially implemented.

  2. only 17 bits were used.

    picture credit:pinterest.com

  3. This device was the world's first practical stored program electronic computer.

  4. It uses a binary number system.

  5. Both input and output used paper type.

  6. This machine was used to calculate a table of squares and a list of prime numbers.

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