Difference & Analytical Engine


  • This device was made by an English mathematician of Cambridge University. His name was Charles Babbage.

  • The components of this device are a complex system of cogs and lever's which is powered by steam.

  • its primary purpose is to produce stereotype plates for use in printing presses.

  • Difference Engine & Analytical Engine

Difference engine:- As the name says it was a device with infinite differences. It was simoly a method to perform arithmetical calculations.
  • The Difference Engine was developed by Charles Babbage in 1822 AD, which was equal to the size of a room.

  • The Difference Engine was his first invention and it was powered by a stem.

  • The Difference Engine was fully automatic for mathematical calculation

  • it was more than a calculator to perform addition.

  • it was decimal based machine. i.e. it uses 10 digits 0,1,2,.... 9. in this numbers are representated by wheels. in this each digit has its own wheel. if a wheel comes to rest there would be the jamming of unit means, tehre would be an error. it stops the machine from calculation.

  • He obtained government funding for the development of Difference Engine due to the importance of numeric tables in ocean navigation.

  • By promoting their commercial and military navies, the British Government had managed to become the earth’s greatest empire.

Analytical Engine
  • Charles Babbage also designed another engine in 1833 AD, but unfortunately he was unable to complete it.

  • The analytical Engine contained all components as follows.

    • The store equivalent to memory.

    • The mill equivalent to CPU.

    • The input section using punched cards.

    • The output section using punched cards.

  • And modern computers are based on it. That’s why, for all his contribution, he is known as “father of Computer”.

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