programs in "C" language

I have written many programs in "C" language. These are written to make your understanding level clear and sharp. Some where if you do not understand then you can leave a comment. I will explain that further.

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 input and output related programs :  contains programs using gets(),scanf(), puts() getchar() ,putchar() with explanation.

if..else programs collection : contains programs using if, if ...else, if....elseif switch etc with explanation

loop related programs(loop,nested loop) : contains programs using for, while and do.. while loop

array related programs : contains program using one and multidimensional array.

array with string programs: contains programs related to string processing (with/out library)

Function related programs: contains programs using user defined function.

struct,typedef and union related program : contains programs using struct, union and typedef 

Pointer programs: Contains programs related to pointer, array as pointer,pointer as an array,pointer in function, call by value and call by reference

Data file handling relatedprogram: contains programs using file handling functions getc(),putc(),getw(),putw(),fscanf(),fprintf(),fread(),fwrite,ftell(),fseek(),rewind(),remove(),rename() etc

other programs:- It conatains programs on different subject matter.Like, escape sequence,random number generator etc.

Graphics related program: It contains programs written using graphics.h to handle all graphics. Graphics means working with colours and different shapes. Like Circle,triangle,straight line,background color,foreground colour,rectangle etc.other

Mouse related program: It contains programs where we can learn how to handle mouse.

some more topics related programs:It contains programs with different tricks and tips. 

c projects:- Here We have some projects developed in C language using codeblocks IDE.

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