EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) was made by J.W Mauchy and J.P. Eckert in 1952AD.

Physically, the computer comprised the following components:

  • He was the first to introduce the stored program concept in a computer.

  • It used a binary number system rather than decimal numbers for its operation.

  • It had almost 6,000 vacuum tubes and 12, 000 diodes and consumed 56 KW of power.

  • It covered 490 square foot of floor space and weighed nearly 7 tons.

  • The machine requires 30 personnel to operate.

  • This machine ran till 1961 at a research laboratory.

  • A magnetic tape reader-recorder (describes this as a wire recorder.)

  • A control unit with an oscilloscope.

  • A dispatcher unit to receive instructions from the control and memory and direct them to other units.

  • A computational unit to perform arithmetic operations on a pair of numbers at a time and send the result to memory after checking on a duplicate unit.

  • A timer.

    photo credit:edn.com

  • A dual memory unit consisting of two sets of 64 mercury acoustic delay lines of eight words capacity on each line.

  • Three temporary tanks each holding a single word.

  • The EDVAC was a binary serial computer with automatic addition, subtraction, multiplication, programmed division and automatic checking with an ultrasonic serial memory.

Additionally it was the computer with
  1. EDVAC was a binary serial computer.

  2. It had an ultrasonic serial memory capacity of 1,000 44-bit words.

  3. It consumed 56 kW of power.

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