Tabulating machine:

 Tabulating machine:

  • During 1886 AD Dr. Herman Hollerith made this device.

  • This it the first device which was used for calculating census and it consists of keyboard paper puncher and card reader.

  • This machine is designed to assist in summarizing information.

  • Its features are as follows:

  1. a tabulating machine would read one card at a time.

  2. in early models, the accumulator register dials would be read manually after a card run to get totals.

  1. A human operator had to retrieve, load, and store the  various card decks at each stage.

  2. By using the similar ideas of Jacquard’s Loom he made a Tabulating Machine in 1886.

  3. It could process on the Punch Cards and perform the census calculation faster and accurately.

  4. Hollerith’s technique was successful and the 1890 census was completed in only 3 years at a savings of 5 million dollars.

    photo credit:- http://c250.columbia.edu/

  5. He established his own company called Tabulating Machine Company (TMC).

  6. Later, TMC joined with another company and established IBM in 1923 AD.

  7. IBM is the largest computer manufacturing company in the world even today.

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