history of computer in Nepal

 We have been using computer since many years.In Nepal, if we look, it was started from 2028 B.S. This was the starting stage  of computer in Nepal. The government of Nepal had to count population of 2028 B.S. For this ,the government brought IBM 1401 series computer on lease i.e. Rs 125000 per month.This computer was helpful and completed the census in 1 year 7 months and 15 days.

                                                                                      Later on, for next census of 2038 B.S., another computer named ICL 2950 was brought. It was too much expensive to bring this so the government could not afford and it was funded by UNDP and UNFA at 2 million US dollar. Then 2039 B.S onwards many micro computers (Apple,sirius,vector etc) were brought in Nepal.

                         During that period we had no man-power to use to operate computers. For this many trainers were imported ;especially from UK;and given tariinig to Nepalese people.Nepal gover,nment set up an EDP (Electronic Data Processing) as training center.Later it was renamed to NCC(National Computer Center). 

                               Now-a-days, we have many training institutes across the Nepal. They are providing computer education as well as training to students.

                                                                   Not only that much,Nepal governement 's initiation is also praise-worthy in the field of IT.

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