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Ismail al-Jazari:-

A Muslim polymath from  Jazira in Mesopotamia. He was a scholar,engineer,artist,mathe,mathematician etc.He is best known for writing The Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices. In this book, he has written or given many tricks related to  engineering.

In this book in 1206, where he described 100 mechanical devices, some 80 of which are trick vessels of various kinds, along with instructions on how to construct them. He is credited with the inventions of the flush toilet and the elephant clock.

We are going to discuss about elephant clock.

1.It consisted a weight powered water clock in the form of an Asian elephant. The various elements of the clock are in the housing (howdah) on top of the elephant.

2.The timing mechanism is based on a water-filled basin hidden inside the elephant.

3.In the bucket is a deep bowl floating in the water, but with a small hole in the centre. 

4.The bowl takes half an hour to fill through this hole. In the process of sinking, the bowl pulls a string attached to a see-saw mechanism in the tower on top of the elephant. This releases a ball that drops into the mouth of a serpent, causing the serpent to tip forward, which pulls the sunken bowl out of the water via strings.

5. At the same time, a system of strings causes a figure in the tower to raise either the left or right hand and the mahout (elephant driver at the front) to hit a drum. This indicates a half or full hour. 

6.Next, the snake tips back. The cycle then repeats, as long as balls remain in the upper reservoir to power the emptying of the bow.

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