NEB computer science 2081 questions

 NEB computer science 2081 questions with solutions



2081 (2024)

Computer Science                                                                                                                                            Sub.Code: 4281

(New course)

(For the regular and grade increment students whose first two digits of registration number starts from 78, 79 and 80)

Multiple Choice Questions [9x1=9]

Rewrite the correct option of each question in your same answer sheet.

Group 'A'

1. Which one of the followings given statement correct?

A) Select * from enp where eopid = 103;

B) Select from enp where eopid = 103;

C) Select eopid where enp = 103 from emp;

D) Select eopid where eopid = 103 and table = emp;

2. Which database system normally offers better performance for geographically dispersed users ?

A) Centralized database system B) Distributed database system

C) NoSQL database system           D) Relational database system

3. Which of the following is an example of a public IPV4 address?

A)                                                  B)

C)                                                  D)

4. What is the correct syntax for a 'for-loop' in JavaScript?

A) for (var i=0; i<5; i++){}                              B) for (i=0; i<5; i++) {}

C) for (var i=0; i<5) {}                                       D) for (var i<5; i++) {}

5.Which PHP function is commonly used to execute SQL queries on a database connection established using mysqli extension ?

A) mysqli_query()                                           B) pdo_query()

C) mysql_query()                                             D) pgsql_query()


6.What is the correct syntax to declare a structure in C?

A) struct { }                          B) define struct {}

) struct [ ]                             D) struct <name> {}

7. In C, which operator is used to get the address of a variable?

                A)*                                                         B) &

C)->                                                        D).

8. Which OOP feature allows a class to inherit properties and behavior from another class?

A) Inheritance                                                   B) Encapsulation

C) Polymorphism                                              D) Abstraction

9. Which model of SDLC is characterized by a linear progression of phases from requirements gathering to maintenance ?

A) Waterfall model                         B) Agile model

C) Spiral model                                  D) RAD model

Group 'B'

Short answer questions [5x5=25]

10. Evaluate the advantages of DBMS compared to traditional file-based data storage systems.

OR                                                                                                                                    [5]

How does Second Normal Form (2NF) differ from First Normal Form (INF), and what are the key benefits of achieving 2NF in database design? Explain.                                                                                                                                [2+3]

11. Write a JavaScript function that checks if a number is even or odd and print the result. [1+4]


What is purpose of the mysqli_connect() function in PHP? Describe its usage and parameters. [2+3]

12. Write short note on class and object in OOPS with a real-word example.           [2.5+2.5]

13. How do various requirement gathering techniques help in achieving a careful grasp of user needs and system requirements during SDLC's analysis phase?                                                                                                                                      [5]

14. Give five examples of AI applications in the education.                                                                                                                              [5]




Group 'C'[12×8-16]

Long answer questions

15. How does the star network topology differ from the bus network topology in terms of its architectural layout and data transmission methodology in modern computing environments?[8]

 16. Write a C program that uses structures to represent details of five books title, author, publisher and price) and prints them out.                                                                                       [8]


Discuss the concept of binary file handling in C programming and explain how putw() and getw() functions facilitate binary input/output operations. Give examples.                                                [8]


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