NEB computer science 2080 questions

NEB 2080 computer science(regular)


NEB GRADE XII 2080 (2023)                                                                             Computer Science
(New course)                                                                                                                Full Marks: 50
Sub.Code: 4281                                                                                                            Time: 2 hrs.
(For students whose first two digits of registration number starts form 78 or 79) 
Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks

Very short answer questions.
Group 'A'        9x1=9
1. Which of the given sign is used as a shortcut for JQuery?
    A) the % sign
    C) the S sign
    B) the & sign
    D) the @sign
2. Which of the following is DMI. statement?
    A) Create B) Select C) Create view Alter   D)Drop

3. A collection of hyperlinked documents on the Internet is called:
     A) HTML B) webpage C) www   d) email system

4. Which of following IPV4 address valid?
    A)                        C)
    B) EEE.000.33.000                D)

5. Which jQuery method is used to hide selected elements?
        A) hide()            B) hide (on)
        C) invisible()     D) display (none)
6. Which function is used to connect to mySQL database?
    A) mySqli open()            B) mysqli_connect()
    C) var mysqli_query()     D) Smysqli_con()
7. Which of the following is true about FILE *pt?
        A) FILE is a keyword in c for representing files and fpt is a variable of FILE type
        B) FILE is a buffered Stream
        C) FILE is a Stream
        D) FILE is a structure and fpt is a pointer to the structure of FILE type
8. Which a SDLC phase is used to ensure quality software?
    A) implementation                     C) testing
    B) maintenance                         D) system study
9. Coaxial cable is an example of... 
    A) Communication software  B) Guided Transmission media 
    C) Unguided Transmission media D) All of them

Group 'B'
Short answer questions 5x5=25 

10. Explain the Relational Data model with example.
Write SQL DDL commands to execute the following task with
reference to the schema given below:
student_info (regno as integer, name as character (25), class integer, gender character (1), address character (5).

11. Define a syntax for database connectivity.
Write a server side scripting code to insert data into the table student having fields (first name, last name, mark and email:) Assume that server name="localhost", username="root", password="" database name="student DB". (1+4)
Write a JavaScript code to calculate the factorial of a given number. 5 

12. How is even-driven program (or OOP) differing from procedural- oriented programming? Explain.  (5)
13. Explain the importance of the system testing of the system development life cycle (SDLC). (1+4)
14. What is cloud computing? Pointout the advantage and disadvantage of cloud computing

Long answer questions
Group 'C'   8x2-16

15. What is network topology? Differentiate between guided (wire media) and unguided (wireless media) with example. (2+6)

16. Write the advantage of pointer. Write a C-program to enter the radius of a football and find the area of football by using user defined function. (3+5) 


Define the structure. Write a C-program using structure to input staff id, name and the salary of 50 staffs. Display staff id, name and salary of those staff whose salary range from 25 thousand to 40 thousand. (2+6)

NEB 2080 computer science(supplementary)


Sub.Code: 4281'B'

NEB-GRADE XII 2080 (2023)

Computer Science Time: 2 hrs.

Full Marks: 50

Grade Increment (Supplementary) Examination

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Very short answer questions.9x1=9

Group 'A'

1. Which SQL keyword is used to retrieve data from a table?





2. Which of the following principle apply to 2NF?

a) A table must have a primary key

b) All non-key attributes must be dependent on the primary key

c) All attributes must be atomic

  d) A table must have at least more than two attributes.

3. Which of the following is a device that connects two or more networks and can filter and forward network traffic based on its destination address?

a) Switch c) Hub   b) Router d) Modem

4. Which JavaScript function use to text input?

a) alert()    b) prompt()     c) confirm()      d) console.log()

5. Which of the following PHP functions is used to connect to a MySQL database?

a) mysql_connect()

c) pdo_connect()

b) mysqli_connect()

d) db_connect()

6. What is the correct way to open a file named "data.txt" in C for reading?

a) fopen("data.txt", "r");

b) fopen("data.txt", "w");

c) fopen("data.txt", "a");

d) fopen("data.txt", "rb");

7. Which of the following concepts in object-oriented programming refers to binding data and function into a single unit.

a) Encapsulation

c) Polymorphism

b) Abstraction

d) Inheritance

8. What does the term "QA" stand for in the software development process?

a) Quality Assurance

c) Quality Assessment

b) Quality Analysis

d) Quantity Assurance

9. What type of communication technology is commonly used in IoT devices?

a) Wi-Fi

b) Bluetooth

c) Zigbee

d) All of the above

Group 'B'

Short answer questions 5x5=25

10. Describe the second normal form (2NF) with an example.


What are the importance of database security in database management systems? Describe.

11. How do you add an event handler in JavaScript? Give an example.


Explain the database connection PHP function for MySQL.

12. Describe the object and class in OOPS with an example. 

13. Explain the agile software development methodology in brief. 

14. Give any five examples of AI related applications. 2+2

Long answer questions.2x8=16

Group 'C' 4+4

15. Compare the bus and star network topology. Which of the network cable is suitable to design star topology in the school's network? Justify. 

16. Write a program to store five employees' records (EID, Name, post and I C department) and display them using structure.


Describe file handling modes on C. Write a C program to create and write data into a file.  4+4

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