case study titles

 unit wise case study titles:-

1 Database and DBMS:

        1.1 Prepare a report on different RDBMS(any three).

        1.2 Prepare a report on Different SQL commands(any 10 commands).

        1.3 Suppose, you are asked to maintain database of your section. Prepare a report on types of fields,data types,primary key to be used.Then insert any four records.

        1.4 Prepare a report on database of library. Here talk about:

                    ->RDBMS used in that software.

                    ->Front end used in software.

                    ->fields used in that database.

                    ->Primary key used in that database.

        1.5 Let, you are going to create a database of teachers. Now prepare a report on:

                    ->types of fields to be used in table.

                    ->types of data types used in that table

                    ->how to know which teacher is teaching in how many sections? Talk about section table and foreign key.

        1.6 Prepare a report on Patients management system in a hospital. Talk about

                    ->Possible tables,data types,primary key,foreign  key.

        1.7 Create a table for a customer and a product with all possible fields and data types. Insert some dat into tables. Prepare a report on this.

    2. Networking and data Communication:-

        2.1 Prepare a report on some networking devices(any three) with their latest features.

        2.2 Prepare a report on networking media(any three).

        2.3 There would be many SSID/wifi signal in your area. You can get connected to specific one only. Talk and compare the different security measures applied to Wi-fi.

        2.4Prepare a report on " services by CISCO company". Compare its features with other company-any three (netgear,juniper,Huawei etc)

        2.5 Prepare a report on IPV6 and IPV4.

        2.6 Study and prepare a report on OSI and TCP /IP model.

        2.7 Study and prepare a report on " How are IP addresses managed and distributed?"

        2.8 To access Internet by multiple devices inside an organization, the private IP needs to be converted into public IP and vice-versa. How  do we make it possible? Talk on this and prepare a report.

        2.9 How does Internet work? Prepare a report on this.



        3.1 Prepare a report on 'Object Oriented Programming' paradigm with the help of  features. 

        3.2 Prepare a report on uses of 'Object Oriented Programming'(any three).

        3.3 Write a simple program using OOP and prepare a report on this. You may use C++ with the concept of class,object etc.


     4. Software Process Model:-

        4.1 Compare different software models and study about them(any three). Present a report on it. 

        4.2 Prepare a report on latest system designing tools(any three).

        4.3 Draw DFD on " opening of an account in a bank". Then prepare its report.

        4.4 Draw  DFD on "Appearing for exam". Assume that you have to clear all dues.

                Then prepare its report.

        4.5Draw DFD on "fund transfer using m-banking". Necassary assumtions can be made. Submit its report.

        4.6 Who is a system analyst? with an example, prepare a report on his/her roles.

5. Recent trends in ICT:

    5.1 Prepare a report on 'AI' with some uses(any three).

    5.2Prepare a report on E-governance.

    5.3 Now-a-days, buying and selling has become easier and faster. Prepare a report on this with the help of any three e-commerce applications running in the markets.

    5.4 Define the term 'cloud computing'.Explain any three uses of cloud computing.

    5.5 Prepare a report on 'BIG DATA' and its application areas.

    5.6 Define the term 'IoT'. Explain any three IoT devices.




        Prepare the report according to the given guideline.



  1.        You may affix pictures.
  2.        Set the margin  on all sides.Left 1.25”, Right 1”, Top 1”, Bottom 1”
  3.         Have some gap/space between the lines.
  4.         use A4 size white plane paper.
  5.         Write on one side only. Back wrting is not allowed.
  6.         Insert/write page number manually from 'background theory' section.
  7.         Use spiral Page binding.
  8.         You may use titles/sub-titles with bold.
  9.       You must write manually except first some pages. (except cover page,title page and table of  contents. You may print them.


    Apart from these all titles, your teacher may assign you different topic/title.

    Bring this reoprt in given deadline.
    Still left any consfusion? Ask your subject teacher.
Thank you!

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