case study titles

 unit wise case study titles:-

1 computer system:

        1.1 Prepare a report on different technologies used in different generations.

        1.2 Prepare a report on latest mobile computing features.

        1.3 Prepare a report on latest super computers(any three).

        1.4 Prepare a report on latest microprocessors (any three).

        1.5 Prepare a report on latest Primary memory (any three).

        1.6 Prepare report on "RISC and CISC technology of microprocessors.

        1.7 Prepare a report on Latest secondary memory(any three).

        1.8 Prepare a report on latest /multifunction printers(any three).

        1.9 Prepare a report on latest monitors(any three).

        2.0 Prepare a report on latest ports (any three).

        2.1 PRepare a report on latest input devices(any three).

    2. Boolean algebra and number system:-

        2.1 Prepare a report on use of NAND and NOR logic gates in today's digital world.

        2.2 How would you design XOR, X-NOR using NAND and NOR gates.Prepare a report on this.

        2.3 How does number system help the computers to run? Prepare a report on this. Also take reference of ASCII table(for some keys).

    3.Types of software and Operating system:-

        3.1 Prepare a report on any three operating systems(desktop) with latest features.

        3.2 Prepare a report on mobile operating system(any three) with latest features.

        3.3 Compare WINDOWS and DOS operatings systems with features.

        3.4 Prepare a report on Database softwares with features(any three).

        3.5 Prepare a report on any three multimedia softwares.

        3.6 Prepare a report on web based softwares(any three).

        3.7 Prepare report on different types of Opearting system's Kernel(any three).

        3.8 Prepare a report on open source operating system(anythree).

        3.9 Comapre the features of Android and ios. Then make a report.

     4. Prepare a report on different domain of of applications(any three).

     5. programming concept

        5.1Compare algorithm and Pseudocode with supporting example.

        5.2Draw a system flowchart on " withdrawal of amount from ATM". Then preapre its report.

        5.3Draw a system flowchart on " opening of an account in a bank". Then prepare its report.

        5.4 Draw a system flowchart on "Appearing for exam". Assume that you have to clear all dues.

                Then prepare its report.

        5.5Draw a system flowchart on "fund transfer using m-banking". Necassary assumtions can be made.

        5.6 Prepare a report on 5th generation of programming language.

6. Multimedia:

    6.1 Prepare a report on Some latest multimedia softwares with their functions. You may take image editing/animation,recording etc.

    6.2Prepare a report on uses of multimedia in different fields(any three).

 7.Information security and cyber law:

    7.1Prepare a report on 'cyber bullying in Nepal' and on 'how to be safe'.

    7.2 List the types of major crimes happening in cyber world. and explain any three. Present that in report form.

    7.3Talk about different types of malwares running on internet(list them out and explain any three).Present this in report form.

    7.4 Talk about computer ethics to be with a computer user. List them out and explain any three.Present this in the form of report.



        Prepare the report according to the given guideline.



  1.        You may affix pictures.
  2.        Set the margin  on all sides.Left 1.25”, Right 1”, Top 1”, Bottom 1”
  3.         Have some gap/space between the lines.
  4.         use A4 size white plane paper.
  5.         Write on one side only. Back wrting is not allowed.
  6.         Insert/write page number manually from 'background theory' section.
  7.         Use spiral Page binding.
  8.         You may use titles/sub-titles with bold.
  9.       You must write manually except first some pages. (except cover page,title page and table of  contents. You may print them.

    For sample copy click here. or click to download

    Apart from these all titles, your teacher may assign you different topic/title.

    Bring this reoprt in given deadline.
    Still left any consfusion? Ask your subject teacher.
Thank you!


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