Term based Questions(first term)

 Sample of questions(term based):

Long answer questions.

Q1) What is the generation of computers?Explain about all generations.

Q2) Classify all the types of computers and explain about them.

Q3)Explain the application area of computers.

Q4) Define the term computer architecture. With the help of a block diagram,explain about all units.

Q5)What is memory? Classify it and explain about any four types.

Q6) What is a logic gate? Explain about AND, OR and NOT gate.

Short Answer questions:

Q1)What is a boolean function? Explain about NAND gate.

Q2)Explain about De-morgan’s laws.

Q3)Differentiate between Boolean algebra and Ordinary algebra.

Q4)State and prove distributive law.

Q5)Simplify and draw a digital diagram/circuit.


Q6)Explain XOR and XNOR gate  with a truth table.

Q7)What is the decimal number system? Write the steps to convert hexadecimal to binary with an example.

Q8)What is a hexadecimal number system? Write the steps to convert binary into octal with supporting examples.

Q9)What do you mean by one’s complement? How would you subtract a number from a given number using one’s complement? Give an example.

Q10)What is the binary number system? Convert 1101.110 into decimal.

Q11)Perform following binary operations:

1101+110+1, 1101-110,1101x11,1101÷10

Q12)Define the term port. Explain about the HDMI port.

Q13)Differentiate between impact and non-impact printer.

Q14)Explain about CRT monitors.

Q15)What is cache memory?Explain it.

Q16)Explain about ROM/RAM.

Q17)What is a system bus?Explain its types.

Q18)What is a microprocessor?Explain its functions.

Q19)Define the term “Artificial Intelligence” with examples.

Q20)Explain about Mobile computing.

Q21)Explain about the accuracy and memory properties of computer.

Q22)Explain about hardware,software and firmware.

Q23)Define the term ‘super computers’. Explain any four application areas of supercomputers.

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