PHP with MYSQL project

 PHP with MYSQL CRUD operation:-


Here is a sample of project using PHP and MYSQL. In this project, we can simply add, delete, view and edit/update our information.

steps to run this project:-

1.Download the zip file. click to download.

2. Open the folder

               -->XAMPP(please look inside the C:\)

               ---->Then open the folder htdocs

              ------>make a folder (suppose, it is crud) inside that

3.unzip all the files inside that folder(crud)

4.make a database named crudedatabase. 

                     4.1 to create, in your browser, open



5. You will following interface.


6. click databases.

7.under that we will see, create option. enter the name 'cruddatabase'. click create. After that, we can see our database on left pane of window.

8.Click/select the database.

9. Now we are going to import  table named 'users'

10.click 'import' button at the top.

11. we will see

12. click choose file.
13. Now upload the downloaded sql file (crudedatabase.sql)as shown here.

14.click Go button. Wait for a second. Then it says, "SQL executed successfully".

15. Now goto your browser address bar and type, localhost/crud

16.It  loads the index page. It will look as

That is all about this project.
Thank you.
If any problem persists, let me know(use comment box). I will be happy to help.


Download the zip file with database.




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