HTML with formatting tags

We can apply same formatting as in Ms-word. For this We need to remember tags.Let's go through example.

<html>          <!--called root tag-->
    <head>      <!--contains meta information of page-->
        <title><!--contains title of page-->
        html css
    <body style="background-color:honeydew;">
        <!--body tag with style and value-->
    <h2 style="color:blueviolet;"> page in html</h2><!--applying style with property and value-->
    <B style="font-size:30px;">am learning html.</B><!--applying style to tag B-->
    <u style="text-align: right;">it is on left</u>    <!--we can use left or right or justifyetc-->
    <br><em>this is emphasized text</em><!--it emphsizes the text--><br>
    <small>this is small text</small><!--it makes our text small--><br>
    <strong>it is strong text</strong><!--it maekes our text important--><br>
    <ins>it is inserted text</ins><!--it is inserted text--><br>
    <del>it is deleted text</del><br><!--it is deleted text-->
    <mark>it is marked.highlighted text</mark><!--it highlights the text-->
Each line is described with comment mentioned inside <!--...-->.
We can understand ourlseves.

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