HTML quote example one

<html>          <!--called root tag-->
    <head>      <!--contains meta information of page-->
        <title><!--contains title of page-->
        html css
    <body style="background-color:honeydew;">
        <!--body tag with style and value-->
    <h2 style="color:blueviolet;"> page in html</h2>
    <!--applying style with property and value-->
    <blockquote cite=""www.google.com>it istaken from google.com</blockquote>
    <!--it defined from taken source-->
    Spread positivity<q>in the world</q>
    <!--it inserts quotation mark around the quotation-->
    <br>The <abbr title="Cascade Style Sheet">CSS</abbr> makes our page attractive.
    <!--we use it for abberviation-->
    <address><!--we use it for address-->
    Ram Kumar Stha.<br>
    Rice university:<br>
    Box 564, Disneyland<br>
    <p><cite>The harry and Potter</cite> by J. K. Rowling.</p>
    <!--it says the creative work by somebody-->
    <br><bdo dir="rtl">this senetence is written from right to left</bdo>
    <!--it prints the given text from right to left-->

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