WAP to understand type casting.

// program to understand type conversion
#include <iostream>
#include<stdlib.h>   // to handle system("cls")
using namespace std;
int main()
    int a;
    int b;
    float result;
    cout<<"a and b="<<endl;
    cin>>a>>b;              //multiple inputs using >> operator called 'extraction' or 'get from' operator. 'cin' is an object.
    result=(a*b)/2;        // type casting takes place. It is implicit.
    cout<<"implicit result ="<<result<<endl;// gives result 8 if we input 1 and 17.
    result=float(a*b)/2;    // type casting takes place (Explicit).
    cout << "explicit result=" <<result<< endl;//gives result= 8.5 if we input 1 and 17
    return 0;

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