WAP to generate given table using single cout.

//program to generate following table using single cout statement
1990    135
1991    7290
1992    11300
1993    16200

#include <iostream>//header file
#include<iomanip>//header file for manipulator(width to print)

using namespace std;//to handle all standard characters/functions,reserved words  used in program. we do not use in turboc++ compiler.
int main()//main function
        <<setw(4)<<"1993"<<setw(7)<<"16200"<<endl;//we have used chaining concept.
                                                //for first column, we have used 4 boxes using setw(4) and
                                                //for second column, we have used 7 boxes. 5 boxes to print and 2 for space between columns.

    return 0;

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