program to activate /initialize mouse.

using turboc++
//program to activate/detection mouse
#include <dos.h>
union REGS in_put, out_put;// input and output variables stored in union
  //input for signal detection;output for screen display
void mouse_detected ()
in_put.x.ax = 0;// ax is register used for mouse; 'x' is member of reg.
int86 (0X33,&in_put,&out_put);   //invokes interrupt using 0X33; for mouse, it is 0X33
if (out_put.x.ax == 0)    //condition testing
printf("\nMouse Failed To Initialize");
printf ("\nMouse was Succesfully Initialized");
       //initialization on screen
int main ()
mouse_detected ();//calling of function
getch ();
return 0;

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