Program to show pointer of mouse(text and graphics mode)

using turboc++
//program to activate/detection mouse
#include <dos.h>
union REGS in_put, out_put;// input and output variables stored in union
  //input for signal detection;output for screen display
void showmouse()

 //in_put.x.ax = 1;// taking value 1 for display of mouse on screen  in text mode
 //int86 (0X33,&in_put,&out_put);//invoking interrupt
 //if we want to display mouse in graphics mode then
 //we put following code
 int gdriver=DETECT,gmode;  //graphics detection
 initgraph(&gdriver,&gmode,"c:\\tc\\bgi"); //graphics initialization
 in_put.x.ax = 1;// ax is register used for mouse .1 is used to display mouse
 int86 (0X33,&in_put,&out_put);   //invokes interrupt using 0X33; for mouse, it is 0X33
 closegraph();   //graphics closing.
int main ()

showmouse();//calling of function
getch ();
return 0;

//note:If you want to use mouse in text mode, uncomment the commented lines
//in showmouse() function.
//we can also put mouse initialization part here.

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