Who is system analyst? Explain his/her roles.

q)Who is system analyst? Explain his/her roles.

System analyst:-

The persons who perform above task/system analysis,design and implementation activity is know as system analyst. Somewhere we say or call by names like business engineer, business analyst etc. The work of system analyst who designs an information system is just same as an architect of a house. They work as facilitators of the development of information systems and computer applications.

His/her roles:-
Defining Requirement: It's very difficult duty of analyst to understand user's problems as well as requirements. some techniques like interview, questioning, surveying, data collection etc have to be used. The basic step for any system analyst is to understand the requirements of the users.
Prioritizing Requirements: Number of users use the system in the organization. Each one has a different requirement and retrieves different information and in different time. For this the analyst must have good interpersonal skill, convincing power and knowledge about the requirements and setting them in proper order of all users.
Gathering Facts, data and opinions of Users: After determining the necessary needs and collecting useful information the analyst starts the development of the system with active cooperation from the users of the system. Time to time, the users update the analyst with the necessary information for developing the system. The analyst while developing the system continuously consults the users and acquires their views and opinions.
Evaluation and Analysis: Analyst analyses the working of the current information system in the organization and finds out extent to which they meet user's needs. on the basis of facts,opinions, analyst finds best characteristic of new system which will meet user's stated needs.
Solving Problems: Analyst is actually problem solver. An analyst must study the problem in depth and suggest alternate solutions to management. Problem solving approach usually has steps: identify the problem, analyse and understand the problem, identify alternate solutions and select best solution.
Drawing up Specifications: The analyst must draw certain specifications which will be useful for the manager. The key duty of system analysis is to obtain the functional specification of the system to be designed. The specification must be non-technical so that users and managers understand it. The specification must be precise and detailed for implementers.
Designing system:- Once accepted the specification, the analyst starts to design system. The design must be understandable to the system implementer. The design must be modular to accommodate changes easily. There must be a good knowledge of latest tools and how to use them in system with testing idea.

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