Explain about data security.

Explain about data security.

Data security:-
        It simply says protection of data /information contained in database against unauthorized access, modification or destruction. The main condition for database security is to have “database integrity’ which says about mechanism to keep data in consistent form. Besides these all, we can apply different level of securities like:
    1. Physical: - says about sites where data is stored must be physically secured.
    2. Human: - an authorization is given to user to reduce chance of any information leakage or manipulation.
    3. Operating system: must be taken a foolproof operating system regarding security such that no weakness in o.s.
    4. Network: - since database is shared in network so the software level security for database must be maintained.
    5. Database system: - the data in database needs final level of access control i.e. a user only should be allowed to read and issue queries but not should be allowed to modify data.


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