Q2)Explain different phases used in system development

Explain different phases used in system development
Th steps of SDLC are shown below.

Let's know about them in brief.

1)Problem definition:-The first step is problem definition(study). The intent is to identify the problem, determine its cause, and outline a strategy for solving it. It defines what ,when who and how project will be carried out.
2) System analysis:-
Once the problems identified, it is time to analyze the type of software that could answer the problems encountered. System analysis (may be by system analyst) will take a look at possible software. The goal of a system analysis is to know the properties and functions of software that would answer the concerns solicited from intended users.
Step 3.
   Systems Design: In this phase we start design of proposed new system.It describes desired features and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams, pseudo code and other documentation.
.step 4 System Development:-
System development (Coding):
After designing the new system, the whole system is required to be converted into computer understanding language. Coding the new system into computer programming language does this. It is an important stage where the defined procedure are transformed into control specifications by the help of a computer language.
step 5. Testing:-
                           Before actually implementing the new system into operations, a test run of the system is done removing all the bugs, if any. It is an important phase of a successful system. After codifying the whole programs of the system, a test plan should be developed and run on a given set of test data. The output of the test run should match the expected results.
step 6 Implementation
After having the user acceptance of the new system developed, the implementation phase begins. Implementation is the stage of a project during which theory is turned into practice. During this phase, all the programs of the system are loaded onto the user's computer. After loading the system, training of the users starts. Main topics of such type of training are:
  • How to execute the package
  • How to enter the data
  • How to process the data (processing details)
  • How to take out the reports
step 7 System Evaluation:-
Management should conduct post-implementation reviews at the end of a project to validate the completion of project objectives and assess project management activities. Management should interview all personnel actively involved in the operational use of a product and document and address any identified problems.
8. System Maintenance:-
Maintenance is necessary to eliminate errors in the system during its working life and to tune the system to any variations in its working environment. It has been seen that there are always some errors found in the system that must be noted and corrected. It also means the review of the system from time to time. The review of the system is done for:
  • knowing the full capabilities of the system
  • knowing the required changes or the additional requirements
  • studying the performance

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