Project work order

 Follow the order as given below.

1.Cover page

2.Title page

3. Certificate page

4. Acknowledgement

5. Table of contents

     5.1 objectives

     5.2 Planning,System study, Analysis, Feasibility study

     5.3 Algorithm

     5.4 System design (You can use flowchart/DFD/UML/context diagram)

     5.5 System development part/coding part/ put your code here.

     5.6 input and output screenshot

     5.7 Conclusion/summary

     5.8 References/Bibliography



                  1. Use passive voice while writing

                 2. Use third person (do not use I or we; instead use “it was done”)

                3. For font:

·                        Use font size 12 pt. and “times new roman” as font

·                           Use 1.0 (single) spacing for sentences

·                      Use 1” for all sides as page set-up/margin. You can set little more for gutter (1”+0.0.2”)

·                       For titles and sub-titles, you can increase font size to 16 or 14 respectively

            4. Use proper formatting (justify)

            5. If you need then you can use header and footer properly

           6.You can insert page number.

         7. Include all source codes (C).

         8.Include screenshot of any 6 pages(3 for inputs and 3 for outputs).

       9. Do not write/print on both sides of the page. Use page size A4.

      10. Maximum no. of pages should be in 25-35 pages.

        11. Do not mix/use colors. Make it as simple as it has to be.

     12. The work done by you should be genuine and not copied. If found so then in summarily it will be rejected. You may be asked to do again.

         13. Do spiral binding.


1. You have to make  same format as given here

2. no copying or direct printing

3. On your exam day, bring all the works done (lab report and project work)in pen drive as well as in hardcopy. We may ask you to show softcopy.

4. Without lab -report and project work, you will not be permitted to sit in computer lab for board exam.

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