Third generation computers


  • he development of the integrated circuit was the hallmark of the third generation of computers.

  • It consisted of computer chips, both for CPU and memory, composed of semiconductor materials. Semiconductors make it possible to miniaturize electronic components, such as transistors.

  • This generation of computers helped in operating system to be more faster and allowed many programs to perform at once

  • These are the following features of third generation computers:

a) Transistors were miniaturized and placed on silicon chips, called semiconductors

b) These computers were based on integrated circuit (IC) technology.

c) Processing speed was increased to nanoseconds.

d) Operating system for automatic processing and multi programming was introduced.

e) Magnetic disk was used as primary memory.

f) Semi conductor memory was used as primary memory.

Some more features in summarized form:-

  1. IC was used.

  2. More reliable,Smaller in size,Generated less heat and Faster  in comparison to previous two generations

  3. Lesser maintenance

  4. Still costly

  5. supported Remote processing, Time-sharing, Real-time, Multiprogramming Operating System.

  6. Consumed lesser electricity

  7. Supported high-level language

  8. used semiconductor memory

  9. keyboard,monitor interfaced with an operating system(DOS)

  10. many applications could be run on computer.

e.g. IBM-360 series

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