Fifth generation computers


  • Fifth generation computing devices, based on artificial intelligence, are still in development, though there are some applications, such as voice recognition, that are being used today.

  • Artificial Intelligence is the branch of computer science concerned with making computers behave like humans and we can say that this is the main component of fifth generation computers.

  • The greatest advances have occurred in the field of games playing. In the area of robotics, computers are now widely used in assembly plants, but they are capable only of very limited tasks.

  • The fifth generation of computers have the following features:

  1. These computers will be fully parallel processing capacity.

  2. Computers will be intelligent and knowledge based of AI.

  3. The language of operating system will be PROLOG.

  4. The language of AI in fifth generation computer has also enabled expert system.

  5. Computers will use super conductor memory like bio-chips &Gallium Arsenide as memory device to increase its speed even further.


  • It is the intelligence of machines and the branch of computer science that aims to create it.

  • For variety of machines and computers various components are used.

  • The purpose of artificial intelligence have uncountable uses and advantages such as in calculations, gaming, defense, etc.

  • Followings are the features of artificial intelligence:

  1. it can perform many tasks itself,

  2. It can be a great help in medical science,

  3. It can be very useful in defense system,

  4. It may have problem to find things know objects, differentiate between them, etc. in the case of robots,

  5. It can perform tasks without stopping, etc.

summarized features:

Fifth Generation Computers (Present & Beyond)

  1. ULSI technology 

  2.  Development of true artificial intelligence

  3.   Development of Natural language processing  

  4. Advancement in Parallel Processing  

  5. has capability to interpret just like human being. 

  6. supports to make expert system to take decision in real time system.

  7. More user friendly interfaces with multimedia features  

  8. quantum computing using qubits (Quantum bits)(is exponentially faster than conventional computers).

  9. more processors on same computer .

  10. more storage capacity using semiconductor technology.

  11. advancement in input and output devices.

  12. uses high level languages like, java,.net 

e.g.   Desktop  Laptop  NoteBook  UltraBook,Clout

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