some important questions for first term 2077


Long question answer

1.Explain application of computer

2. What is generation? Explain the different types of generation

3. Define the term generation. Explain any two technologies used in different generations.

4. Classify types of computer and explain all the types of computer on the basis of size.

5. What is Boolean algebra? Explain any three logic gates.

6. Define the term boolean function.Explain about basic gates.

7. What is logic gate? Explain about NAND, NOR, X NOR AND X-OR gates.

8. Define the term computer architecture. with the help of block diagram,explain all the units in brief.

9. Define the term computer system. With the help of block diagram,explain all the units in brief.

10. Difference between computer architecture and computer system.With the help of block diagram,explain all the units in brief.

11. Define the term memory. Write its types and explain about them.


1. Explain any two properties of computer.

2. Define the term artificial intelligence and explain its uses in Mobile Computing.

3. Differentiate between analog and digital computer.

4. Define the term software, hardware and firmware.

5. Define the term number system. Convert  following.

6. Define binary number system. Use the complement 1s and 2s to subtract 1101 from 0001.

7. State and proof De-Morgan’s law.

8. What is universal gate? Implement NAND and NOR to design all other gates.

9. State and proof Distributive laws. Simplify and draw digital circuit.

1. xyz+y+xy`

2. (AB+C)`+(AB)`+B`

10. Define the term word processing software. Explain its some important features.


What is word processing? Explain its important features.


Explain the features of MS WORD.

11. Define word processor. Explain any five tools used in word processing

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