HTML with SVG to draw line



            html with SVG tag. It stands for scalable vector graphics.It is used for vector based graphics in XML. We use this tag for graphics on web/page.

        <svg width="100" height="100">
            <!--we always use svg for image size. If we donot, it takes 0,0 by default-->

            <line x="3" y="3" x1="400" y1="30" stroke="green" stroke-width="15" fill="red" />
        <!--since we are going to line, we use attributes-->
        <!-- here x is first x co-ordinate,y is first y-co-ordinate, 
            x1 is second x-coordinate,
            y1 is second y co-ordinate,
            stroke is boundary color,stroke-width means width of circle outline 
            and fill means color inside circle-->


</html>svg to draw line

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