HTML with SVG to animate object



            html with SVG tag. It stands for scalable vector graphics. It is used for vector based graphics in XML. We use this tag for graphics on web/page.

        <svg viewbox="0 0 200 200"><!--</svg><svg width="100" height="100">-->
            <!--we always use svg for image size. If we donot, it takes 0,0 by default-->

        <rect width="100" height="100">
            <animate attributeName="rx" values="0;100;3" dur="5s" repeatCount="indefinite"/>
        <!--since we are going to put text, we use attributes-->
           ->rx is the attribute name
           ->values=o is starting time
                    =100 is the speed of animation 
                    =0 is start that animation from 0
            ->dur=5s is the time for which animation will be in effect and then it repeats
           ->repeatcount:-It repeats the animation indefinite times


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