HTML page with input list, datalist and option.

If we use it then it will show data in drop down list.Better we can understand from following example.
<html><!--root tag-->

<head><!--used for meta tag-->
    <title><!--title tag-->
        form with input list

<body><!--is a container-->
    form <br>
    <form><!--opening of form tag-->
        <!--following script is related to datalist-->
        <input list="all language" name="language">
        <!--must start with input tag with list name-->
        <datalist id="all language"><!--it contains id of list. It must be same as it is with list-->
          <option value="Internet Explorer">
          <option value="Firefox">
          <option value="Chrome">
          <option value="Opera">
          <option value="Safari">


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