Learning Python 3.8

click the program to learn python commands/programs.

1. Python basic programs:- It contains Python basic programs. Like input,output,variables.

2. Python controls structures:-
                       It contains programs related to if,if,if else,switch,nested if, loop,nested loop etc.

Python list programs: 
                                  It contains programs using concept of list. Here list means a collection of data which is ordered and changeable. It allows duplicate( same data entry or storage) members.

Python tuple programs:-
             Here tuple means ordered and unchangeable data. It also allows duplicate/same data storage.

Python set program:
                         It contains programs in which are data are unordered and unindexed. It does not permit duplicate data.

Python Dictionary programs:-
                              It conatins programs using concept dictionary where data are un ordered,indexed and changeable.It does not permit duplicate members.

Python Lambda programs:-

Python array programs:
                                  It contains programs related to array.

4.Python functions:
                                 It contains programs related to functions and their uses.

Python with OOP concept:

      Python with class and object programs:

     Python with inheritance:-

    Python with iterators:-

    Python with scopes:

   Python with scopes:

   Python with modules:-

   Python with dates:

  Python with JSON:-

 Python with Regex:-

 Python with PIP:-

 Python with try..except:-

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