Explain about client-server and peer-to-peer networking

Explain about client-server and peer-to-peer networking.

Lets understand client-server and peer-to-peer networking with the help of following description .

They are types of networking on the basis of architecture:
Peer to peer(P2P):
  • In this all the computers are treated equally.
  • No one computer is server or client.
  • All computers can be said working as client or server.
  • Computers have self processing capability and do not rely on others.
  • Computers have or can run with normal operating system like, XP, Me etc and application.
  • Easy sharing of files and allows us to have chatting.
  • failure of one does not mean others are down; networking goes on.
  • If heavy load is given, they may not give same performance. etc
  • low level security.
Client –server:
  • In this, one or two computers work as server and left all work as clients.
  • Clients computers give request to server for a task to be performed.
  • Clients computers may or may not have self processing capability. they rely on server.
  • Mostly servers use a powerful operating system like, Linux or Unix or Win advanced server2008 etc.
  • Through server, the sharing of files is done.
  • Everything is controlled by server so in the case of down, services can not be completed.
  • under heavy load, many servers share the tasks.
  • there is high level security in networking.
  • High traffic towards servers while processing.

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