HISSAN computer science question


HISSAN central examination-2079


Tick the correct answer. 

1. Which of the statements are used in DML statement?

a) Select, drop, where b) Select, insert, delete c) Select, drop, update d ) Select, insert, drop

2. With SQL, how do you select all the records from a table named "employee" where the value of column "ename" is "john"?

a) Select from employee where ename is exactly john

 b)Select from employee where ename is equal to john 

c) Select from employee where ename='john 

d)Select from employee where ename is not in john

3. What is the first step in the software development lifecycle?

a) System design b) System testing c) Coding d) System analysis

4. What is the minimum number of functions to be present in a C program?

b. 1 c. 2 d. 3

5. What kind of transmission medium is most appropriate for carry data in a computer network that is exposed to electrical interference?

  1. Unshielded twisted pair b. Optical fiber c. Coaxial cable d. Microwave

6. What should be the correct syntax to write a PHP code?

a. <php> b, <?php ?> c. <? ?> d. Php

7. Which jQuery method is used to hide selected elements?

a. hidden b. display(none) c. hide d. visible(false)

8. Which Key is used to uniquely identify a record?

a. Primary key b. Foreign Key c. Both a. and b. d. None of the mentioned

9. Which of the following is not an unguided communication media?

a. Twisted pair wire b. Satellite c. Microwave d. Bluetooth


Short answer questions:[5x5=25]

1. Explain INF and 2NF with examples.


 Demonstrate any three DDL statements with example. 

2. What is OOPs? Define the terms class, polymorphism and Object. 

3. What do you mean by feasibility study? Why is it necessary before designing a system? 

4. What is virtual reality? Explain.

 5. Write a function to multiply two numbers in javascript.


 Write a PHP program to multiply two numbers.

                                               Group C:

 Long answer questions [2x 8=16] 

6. Define IP address. Explain any three different types of IP address. [2+6) 

7. Define structure. Write a C program to store information of 10 students (eid, ename, class) and display it using structure variable.[2+6]


What is a pointer? Write a C program to read a 3 numbers and find its product using pointer. [2+6]


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