sample question paper for first term-2077

 sample question paper:-

Note:Your exam will be of 75 marks(3 hrs).


Candidates are required to give answers in their own words as far as practicable. Figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group A

(Long Answer Questions)

Attempt any three questions.                                                                                                      (3×10=30)

1.        Draw block diagram and explain the main components of a computer system.            (10)

2.        What are the application areas of computer? Explain.                                                                         (10)

3.        Explain AND , NOT , NAND and Exclusive OR (XOR) gates with truth table, symbol and Venn diagram.                                                                                                                                                     (10)

4.        Explain the features of first generation and second generation computers with                   example. (10)

Group B

(Short Answer Questions)

Attempt any nine questions.                                                                                                         (9×5=45)

5.        Differentiate between analog and digital computer.                                                    (5)

6.        Define super computer. List the uses of super computer in real life situation.    (5)

7.        Define hexadecimal number? Convert (ABC)16 into octal number.                                          (5)

8.        Define word processor. Explain the features of word processor.                                                (2+3)

9.        Subtract (1000)2 from (1010)2 using 1’s and 2’s complement method.                (2.5+2.5)

10.     What is universal gate? Show that NAND and NOR gates are universal gate.   (5)

11.     Define system bus. Explain different types of bus with figure.                                    (5)

12.     Write down the features of fourth generation computer.                                                             (5)

13.     Why computer is called diligent and versatile machine.                                                              (5)

14.     Define complement. Write the rule for 1’s complement method.                               (5)

15.     Write Short notes on:                                                                                                                (2.5+2.5)

a) Microprocessor                                                                                                               

b) AND Operation


sample question II:


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