NEB29:Difference between array and struct

Differences between array and struct are given below.                                                                                                                                                
1.It stores same type of data1. It stores dis-similar type of data.
2.It uses static memory allocation . 2.I uses dynamic memory allocation.
3.It takes less time to access elements.3.It takes more time to access elements.
4.It uses index value to access elements. 4.It takes help of period operator(.) to access elements.
5.It is derived data type. 5. IT is user's defined data type.
6.We can not define array of array.          6.We can define array of structure.
7.Its syntax is                                          
data type identifier[value];

example,int a[20];
7.Its syntax is
struct tag
{datatype member1;
datatype member2;
data type member3;
struct det
{char name[100];
char add[40];
int  roll;

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