understanding programming through examples

Learning is  never ending process. But ending the process of learning is somewhat like quitting the life from  living. So just keep on learning.
                                 so, to make it fun I have here written programs related to different section of "C". Follow the examples and learn that. If you do not know about theory then do not worry, you can also learn that on same blog or may be different.
                                               Here, I have written about "C", the most popular and awesome language. If you look at history or present context then you can notice that "C" is that language which can be never compared with others though there many languages made in "C" and dominating others or leading ;you can say. We can use this;either to develop an application or develop an operating system or driver or may be any other jobs.
                                                              Programming is fun if you know it and tedious task if you fall somewhere behind or you could not use mind. Do not worry; nobody knows everything. Here we try to know many things(or most of the things). I hope, we together will enjoy..